A new beginning

27 Aug

Quite some time has passed since the last time I posted something on the oldest version of this blog… it had started  as an adventure log about my moving to France (the French Riviera) but after a while nothing worthy to be told happened anymore. I settled… life got back to normality and the blog withered.

I was still willing to write something from time to time but It was all stuff IT related that seemed out of place in a blog about living in France…

Then few days ago a colleague of mine told my about the Amazon AWS Free Tier initiative: I got immediately all excited about the Idea of running my blog on my very own virtual machine!

I registered an account, created an EC2 instance of Amazon Linux, installed a LAMP stack, downloaded and installed WordPress (the previous blog was on a self developed blogging Platform but I don’t have enough time to keep working on it therefore WP was the obvious choice), moved my domain from GoDaddy to Amazon AWS and here we are!

This time the blog will be more IT & Tech oriented… just let’s hope I’ll find the time (and the will) to write something at least once every month.